Advanced Forex Trading Techniques

Advanced Forex Strategies Intro


1. Introduction

2. Scalping

    2.1 Scalping Techniques

3. Positional Trading

4. NFP Trading

5. Hedging

6. Position Trading

7. Forex Options

8. Create A Solid Forex Strategy

9. Essential Elements Of A Forex Trading Strategy

10. Swing Trading

      10.1. Advantages of Swing Trading

11. Best Currency Pairs To Trade

12. Your End Goal In Advanced Forex Trading

1. Introduction

Anyone who engages in Forex transactions can first install commercial settings with input and output signals. This configuration is called the Forex trading strategy. There are many marketing strategies that you can try, and most beginners usually try to implement certain strategies to find out which ones are best for your skills. In this article, we’ll discuss three advanced Forex trading strategies that can be accepted by beginners. These marketing strategies are intended for beginners who want to improve their skills. Let’s look at the strategies and techniques of advanced traders.

Advanced Forex Trading Techniques

2. Scalping

Rinsing is a frequent experience among experienced Forex traders. Tactics depend on currency fluctuations that occur daily at certain intervals. Typically, the time between closing and opening is short and only takes a few minutes. The achievements of this position are often small, but the overall profits of huge positions can be high. Some Forex investors sell up to 200 items a day. Although not all traders open positions, they can gain them, the main goal is to achieve total profit by combining all items. One suggestion is that when washing, it is necessary for the opening loss to be close to the starting price of the item in order to reduce losses in the event of market changes. Because this is one of the more advanced methods of currency trading.

2.1.  Scalping Techniques

Do not leave the position open for a long time, the maximum waiting time is best not to exceed five minutes.

The volume of trade must be quite high because the number of seeds obtained as a result of the transaction is relatively small.

The greater the number of daily transactions, the more likely you can beat Forex.

This strategy applies only to everyday traders, which means that you will have plenty of time to invest in results.

Advanced Forex Trading Techniques

3. Positional Trading

This is definitely an advanced Forex strategy because it is used by the most popular traders. The main advantage of this strategy is that it requires much less daily attention, but in the long run, it can only be successfully completed through careful market analysis. Sounds interesting. Let’s look at the sale details of the item. Most Forex trading strategies are implemented on time, which means that most strategies are a daily trading strategy. Positive trade is a little different from everyday trade – it differs from rinsing. When a trader starts trading positions, he should stay in position for a long time.

It is difficult to determine the recommended minimum durability because it depends largely on the market review and the number of bones. Using trading positions, one of the most advanced Forex methods, a trader needs to do everything to scale Forex. The size of the transaction is relatively small compared to the commercial capital. During the conversation, you try to open large positions because you expect several points for trading. When it comes to trading positions, you are looking for over 100 points to make your situation really safer when the market changes. In order to avoid a high risk, it is recommended that the trader is traded only to a certain extent, up to 2% of his money spent on the commercial margin. This way you can easily run 20-30 points without closing your position.

Advanced Forex Trading Techniques

4. NFP Trading

NFP trade is described very quickly in this article. Typically, employment data in the NFP or out of the office is the main economic news in the United States once a month. Typically, such messages on the market have a big impact on daily investors, because the USD pair can be around 50 or more points. The main disadvantage of this trading strategy is that it is limited to NFP releases, so you can use NFP marketing only once a month.

NFP is similar to scalping on the Forex market. A few hours before the NFP results are announced, the market is beginning to change. Its main purpose is to identify possible NDP results and their differences from previous and forecasted values. You can see these values on the Forex calendar page.

Advanced Forex Trading Techniques

5. Hedging

Securing is a way to reduce risk on both sides at the same time. If your broker allows it, you can easily close long and short positions of the same pair. Advanced traders sometimes use two different pairs to buy insurance. However, it can be very difficult.
For example, suppose you decide you want to reach below USD / CHF because it is at the beginning of the current price range. You decide to initiate a short movie. After fixing your shorts, you start thinking that USD / CHF seems a bit strong, and you think it can go bad and your pants are expensive.

6. Forex Options

The Forex option is a contract to buy a currency pair at a specified price at a specified time. For example, suppose that EUR / USD is long enough for 1.40 hours. And you think it’s likely to drop to 1.38 for one night. Since you do not want to risk a deeper reaction, you decided to stop at 1.3750 to lose 250 points.

The sound of 250 pixels is very painful, so you choose the Forex market to reduce your pain. You buy night time when the strike price is 1.3750. If the EUR / USD increases to 1.3750 during the night and never goes, you will lose the bonus you paid for the chosen currency.

Advanced Forex Trading Techniques

7. Create A Solid Forex Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes for many new traders is forex trading without a solid forex trading strategy.

The Forex market is really attractive because it works 24 hours a day and you can trade when the market grows when the market goes down and you want to make money or prove that you are a business leader.

Advanced Forex Trading Techniques

8. Essential Elements Of A Forex Trading Strategy

The Forex trading strategy is just a set of rules that determine when to buy or sell when certain market conditions are met to make a profit.

Conditions that must be activated for purchase or sale.

Where do you send the stop-loss order?

Where to go for a profit

The system must contain transaction management rules.

This is the definition of a Forex trading strategy.

If you have a transaction system that does not contain these key elements, you are confused during implementation. In short, the forex market is chaotic. To order a chaotic market, you must have rules.

Advanced Forex Trading Techniques

9. Swing Trading

Each investor on the Forex market is different. Some of them may be shorter time blocks and keep dealers shorter periods are open, which means that in the day trading technique a little comes into play here. However, there are also Forex market investors who are swing traders. Swing traders are traders who have a medium or long-term perspective. This means that trade can be opened and can last from one day to a week or even months until the trade is closed. Swing traders love trading plays wait … how long it can take, it really depends on price changes and market changes. so the advantage of swing trading is that all small price fluctuations smaller time blocks (from the first day of domain traders) will be ignored and long-term vision remains embedded in each transaction.

9.1. Advantages of Swing Trading

Trading in days, weeks and months means much more profits

Lower noise level does not matter

Transactions are often entered into SWP points, which is a very high-risk entry point to the consideration of the goods in many cases.

Advanced Forex Trading Techniques

10. Best Currency Pairs To Trade

Currency exchange is very important.

Some currency pairs do not work very well

Some currency pairs show good times only at certain times of the day. London and new trading hours.

Some currency pairs have very large distributions above 3-5 bones in some forex brokers. If you are selling a standard contract, it is about 10 USD.

You lose $ 50 immediately after the introduction of the trade, and the price is to be how much go to their marketing direction that trade is balanced.

Some currency pairs are a very quick operation, which means they have a tendency to go and if the stop loss is too close, you will stay

Your End Goal In Advanced Forex Trading

11. Your End Goal In Advanced Forex Trading

Nothing is more frustrating than noticing positive trade negatively and ultimately loss. For this reason, it is important to take into account the goals of profit and stop the loss and delay activation of the suspension: when and under what conditions can it be included? Defining profit goals also helps BEFORE achieving very low profits. The bonus goes where it wants to go. So, if you do business, do not think it will increase. That’s why you have to stop losing. Stop Loss creates discipline and does not give money to the cell if the price was to take … this small loss, not a big loss. Tomorrow will be another day. Long-term trading … It does not work as if it was no tomorrow.

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