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Not many people realize that a bipolar disease is a common form of depression which can be traced back to the 1st century of ancient Greece. For thousands of years, bipolar disorder was widely misunderstood with many people (during the Roman and ancient Greek periods) being executed as it was believed the sufferer was possessed by demons. Thankfully with advancements in medicine and an understanding of how the human mind works it is understood that bipolar disorder is actually a brain disorder that causes severe shifts in mood. Optimind Review These moods consist of two states, the first being a state of mania where the sufferer feels extreme happiness and joy and the second state being a feeling of melancholy. So what’s the problem with these two states? Everybody feels down (a state of melancholy) at some point and the same can be said with the feeling of happiness and joy (a state of mania). Optimind Reddit With bipolar disorder however these two states are in the extremes often leading to irrational thought and behavior. The feeling of melancholy is often not just a feeling of being sad but seriously depressed with self-harm and thoughts of suicide being common. With mania (the feeling of extreme happiness and excitement) can also lead to irrational thoughts and behavior, such as laughing out loud for no reason, serious shopping binges or quitting a job out of the blue. The symptoms of bipolar disorder can be subtle (unlike the extremes of mood swings), but if you know what to look for you may be able to help a sufferer before the bipolar becomes a serious problem or serious problems occur as a result of the disorder. Symptoms for a depressive episode (melancholy) could include the following: Optimind Amazon A feeling of hopelessness and being alone, feeling stressed and anxious for no real reason, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, a feeling of worthlessness and ‘no point’ doing anything, loss of appetite and a decrease in weight or experiencing thoughts of self-harm or even suicideSymptoms for a state of mania could include:

Racing thoughts and fast-talking, laughing out loud for no reason, excessive happiness and high levels of energy, excessive drinking or drug taking, insomnia or they believe there is no need to sleep or irrational behavior such as overspending or suddenly ending a relationship each bipolar sufferer experiences varying levels of mania and melancholy the two lists are not ‘concrete’,Optimind Free Trial instead they are an idea of what to look for. If you notice a loved one, family member or someone you care about displaying these types of signs you help that person seek professional attention as soon as possible. Psychological disorders are also known as mental disorders. They are mind abnormalities resulting in persistent behavioral patterns that can affect the day to day functionalities and life in general. The disorders are numerous and they can include mood disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, Optimind Ingredients eating disorders and sexual disorders among many others. They can be damaging because of their effects and there is always a need to seek medical assistance to keep matters in control. The specific causes of these disorders are not clear. However, there are different factors believed to greatly contribute to their occurrence. They include heredity, prenatal exposures, chemical imbalances, childhood experiences, stress, and illnesses. Some of these disorders tend to be more common in women and others seem common in men. For instance, depression and borderline personality are more frequent in women while substance abuse and intermittent explosive disorders are more common in men. Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, on the other hand, affects both men and women equally. Psychological disorders can have varying symptoms, but usually, the behavioral and mood symptoms are common. The symptoms can be relapsing or chronic interfering with proper social interaction. Some of the disorders can also come with physical.

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The most common symptoms of the disorders are: Psychological disorders just like most other disorders can be taken care of with the right treatment. The treatment offered will be dependent on the specific disorder you are suffering from and the symptoms you have. Your doctor will be in a position to evaluate the situation and recommend the right treatments or medications to help you get over the situation. Optimind Tablets The most common treatments available include the use of anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants to help improve the moods. Antipsychotic medications can also be used to treat thought patterns that are disordered and perceptions which are altered Cognitive behavioral therapy is also a good treatment for the disorders to work on the behavior and thought patterns. Still, on therapy, family therapy is used to develop some understanding and support for the suffering individuals. Group therapies help in making sure that the patient does not end up feeling like he is suffering alone. He or she can find support from other patients as Bipolar disorder can be defined as a mental illness that is characterized by mood shift ranges. It can be anything from manic to a depressive state. It is an illness also commonly referred to as manic depression or bipolar disease. In the manic state, the person suffering will have feelings of excitement, will be full of energy and will be impulsive. This turns out to be dangerous since the person can end up taking part in unhealthy or risky behavior. The behaviors can include impulsive sex, unprotected sex, drug use, and spending sprees. On the contrary, the depressive state is characterized by hopelessness and deep sadness in the person suffering. Optimind Gnc It leads to loss of energy and loss of interest in the activities the individual once found pleasure in. The suffering person can end up sleeping too much or having.Optimind SupplementMany will even attempt suicide when the depression is too deep. The mood shifts can be quite severe and those suffering from bipolar disorder will have trouble dealing or managing their everyday lives. It could lead to poor performance at work or school and can even have problems handling their personal relationships. The Treatment Whether suffering from the depressive or manic states of this disorder, there is a greater need to find the right treatment to keep the moods in control. The treatment can be a combination of counseling and the use of medications. Optimind Supplement The doctors will usually treat the symptoms using drug sets. Some patients will require maintenance drugs to help maintain steady moods over a longer period of time. The treatment can include mood stabilizing drug coupled with psychotherapy. In this case, the drug treatment is used primarily but the psychotherapy is done on an ongoing process so as to help the patients cope with this condition. Medications are the other treatment options with the condition. Some patients might need to stay on the medications all through their lives. The cases will, however, depend on the severity of the condition. Therapy is another great treatment for patients suffering from this disorder. It gives them the chance to talk about their feelings, behaviors, and thoughts. The discussions can be quite helpful in getting to the root cause of the problems that could be responsible for the occurrences, especially when suffering from a depressive state of the disorder. Optimind Alternascript In bipolar mania, the doctors will be more inclined to controlling sleeplessness, irritability, hostility, and hyperactivity. Antipsychotic drugs will be used and mood stabilizers can be prescribed too. In bipolar depression, antipsychotic and anticonvulsant medications can be used individually or as a combination. Optimind Brain Booster The main goal of this treatment is to modulate the moods without risking triggering manic episodes in the process. Bipolar disorder can get quite bad if left untreated. With the many possible treatments, it is advisable to find help as soon as the disorder shows signs

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The sooner it is managed, the better it will be for the patients. It can be quite difficult to deal with suicidal thoughts and for this reason, many people have ended up taking their own lives. The thoughts are usually inhibited in people who suffer from depression leading to unrelenting despair difficult to control. The suffering and hopelessness make suicide look at the best solution possible. Optimind Brain Supplement Apart from the thoughts cropping in the mind of the depressed, it is also possible for healthy individuals to suffer such thoughts as a result of different life situations. The other possible causes of suicidal thoughts include family history, financial crisis or economic woes, divorce and other life challenges which make suicide look like the best escape from the negative feelings and thoughts. What most people don’t know is that the thoughts can easily be reversed by seeking help as soon as possible. Counselors, loved ones and family members can all work in helping you get over the suicidal thoughts. You can actually take control to prevent suicide by doing simple but very effective calculations. As soon as you start feeling like taking your own life, promise yourself that you will not do so till you have looked for help. Talk to a professional counselor about your intentions and feelings. More often than not, you will feel relieved after sharing your problems and have a new turn towards improving the situation. Think about the pain you will leave behind to the people who love you the most. Optimind Pills They will for instance, never understand why you did what you did. Some will live with the guilt of feeling as though they were never there for you and never did all they could to keep you alive. This consideration can help you speak up and work towards better solutions to your issues. Consider the effects of a suicide attempt gone wrong. The fact is that not every attempt will be a success. If you fail in taking your life, you might end up with severe or permanent.Optimind Does It Work

All or Nothing or Black and White Thinking is a major symptom of borderline personality disorder. (BPD) My mother suffers from this devastating disorder and I use the word “devastating” because it was devastating for me to deal with my mother as a child. I hope that I can share my insights on BPD and how I started to develop similar symptoms (mainly black and white thinking) in my adolescent years Optimind Does It Work. What is Black and White Thinking? This is also known as “splitting.” It’s like your personality at the moment split into two extremes if I have to describe this experience in short words. Wikipedia defines “Splitting” as follows: “Splitting” is the failure in a person’s thinking to bring together both positive and negative qualities of the self and others into a cohesive, realistic whole. It is a common defense mechanism used by many people. The individual tends to think in extremes. Optimind Comments “So why do people suffering from BPD have all or nothing or black and white thinking? Although we don’t know the exact causes, studies report that sufferers use this as a defensive mechanism to protect themselves and actually small children have this same self-defense mechanism before they learn to trust their primary caregivers (mainly parents). That is why it is extremely important for primary caregivers to be consistent and let the baby know that they are and will always be there for him/her. As the baby learns to trust and embrace the concept of object constancy, he/she gradually learns to trust other people and begin to see the world in a more cohesive manner. My childhood experience with my borderline mother was that she was unpredictable, and it was literally like walking on eggshells. Optimind Energy As a child, I tried to make sense of my mother’s behaviors with the hope that I was able to somehow control her temperament but in reality, there was nothing I could do nor could anybody else control my mother’s extreme thinking or black.

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My mother probably didn’t even know why she felt so crazy all the times and it was almost as if she was at the mercy of her emotions that she had no control over. She constantly split and saw me in black and white as well. Optimind Nutrition I was the greatest daughter she was fortunate to have one day, and the next day, I should go to hell because I was trying to make her life difficult. I didn’t intentionally make her life difficult but I was a child so it wasn’t realistic for me to meet all my mother’s expectations. This is very interesting because I started to develop black and white thinking and my ex-boyfriends did let me know that I made them feel like they were walking on eggshells. I never wanted to put anybody through this because I know what’s like to constantly fear that I am upsetting someone, and the consequence of that was pretty serious. There are many theories about the root cause of black and white thinking but it actually makes sense to develop this effective defense mechanism especially if you grew up in an unstable home. I never really learned to trust my mom that she will be there for me unconditionally and she accepts me for who I am. That means that she loves me despite my flaws and even if she gives me constructive criticism, she makes me feel like she accepts me for who I am. Unfortunately, that never happened. Not only that she was inconsistent, Optimind Multivitamin I never knew what she really taught of me as she expressed her love and hate toward me as a child in extreme. I felt terrified and started to develop this hate toward her as a child WHEN she said all these mean things to me and felt smothered and guilty when she was extremely sweet the next day. I just was not sure what to make of it and that made me confused about who I was, and I think I started to see my mom in black white. I was able to deal with such scary situations because I was dealing with a “bad” mom one day and was dealing with a “good” mom.Optimind Nutrition

I couldn’t have integrated these two extreme figures. Of course, I knew that my mom was both good and bad as a child but at the moment of her horrific attack, I had to cope with the fear by telling myself that it was the “bad” mom coming out. Optimind Reviews If you go through that on a daily basis in your childhood, your way of dealing with this issue starts to affect different areas of your life and it is inevitable that you develop and adopt this dysfunctional defense mechanism because it worked at once point in order to survive the terror. Again, I am using the word “terror” because it was really terrifying to see my mom going crazy and I feared for my life at one point. I ended up developing this unhealthy pattern of thinking in my adulthood so the major goal of therapy has become to unlearn this pattern because you can learn to let go of these unhealthy thinking. Black and white thinking no longer works for me as I am not subject to that level of unpredictability any longer. Realistically, I am legally protected if anybody causes that level of fear and threatens to harm You are always being told how important calcium or protein or even iron is for your body’s health. What is rarely ever brought up is how important magnesium is for your total health. Optimind Scam Magnesium has been largely overlooked until the last few years. Researchers and physicians are now beginning to understand what incredibly important thing magnesium really is. Magnesium is so vital to our overall wellbeing. It’s required for over 300 biochemical reactions in your body and helps so many different parts of the body. Your heart is dependent on it to perform at its peak. Magnesium stabilizes the hearts rhythm and helps prevent abnormal blood clots in the heart. This helps to lower the chance of stroke or heart attack and even aids in the recovery of stroke and heart attack. Optimind Health Magnesium deficiency is one of the causes of irregular heartbeats, mitral valve prolapse, stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure. It is so essential to the heart that the heart cannot function properly.

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Another problem with magnesium deficiency is depression. As far back as 1996, doctors knew of the connection between magnesium deficiency and depression and a study by Dr. Norman Shealy, neuroscientist, and colleague Dr. Richard Cox proved this connection. Out of 475 chronically depressed people, 100% were deficient in magnesium. Amazing correlation. In 2009, a study performed in New Zealand showed the same connection. Optimind Ingredients The “why” of these discoveries has yet to be revealed, but the connection is definitely there. Not getting enough magnesium also plays a role in problems such as type II diabetes, migraines, muscle pain, glaucoma, osteoporosis, emphysema, pre-eclampsia, asthma, and kidney stones. All of these diseases are linked to low magnesium. In the case of fibromyalgia, doctors have begun prescribing magnesium because it has a relaxing effect on the muscles. One of the main reasons that people may suffer from a lack of magnesium is that, even though it is found in foods like Spinach and other green leafy vegetables, Optimind Side Effects it is never in a large quantity. Because of this, the average person does not get enough magnesium in their diet. The average healthy man should be getting 420mg a day. The average woman should get 320mg a day. Most people aren’t even close and get less than half of the recommended daily allowance. Our diet is the recommended source for magnesium, but because of its small quantities in food, it is suggested that one should take a supplement. Due to the recent discovery of some “store brand” supplements being bogus and full of fillers, name brand supplements are recommended. Additionally, it’s best to take magnesium with food as it is digested and has better absorption. Make sure to check if any prescription medications you might be taking blocks magnesium or deplete it in any way. Optimind Technology Solutions Your doctor may recommend a larger supplement. It is imperative to keep your intake of magnesium at the RDA. So many body systems and organs rely on it. Hopefully, magnesium will no longer be overlooked but rather recognized as the essential mineral that it is.


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